20ft Prefab House Modular Home Container House – C312

Original price was: $140,000.00.Current price is: $120,000.00.

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Area: 1.200 sqft

We had the idea to connect two capsules of 250sqft together to expand a nice area, where you can walk and feel free sliding on the glass of the windows

Steel Structure: Steel frame: G550Light steel keel Roof: Aluminum Galvanized  manganese plate+XPS extruded board+ Breathing OSB board+glass wool Wall: Front wall: Aluminum magnesium manganese plate+XPS extruded board+Breathing paper+OSB board+glass wool with aluminum fixed window and aluminum sliding door Bathroom configuration: shower + toilet + sink + drainage system Floor slab: Glass wool+OSB board 1220*2440*9mm+Waterproof membrane+XPS board Calcium silicate board + pressure treated
 Staircase matched with the house Flooring: LVP

40HQ containers are required for

Stair isn’t included in this house.

We can customize your stair and railing.

Anywhere in the world, no matter if is very cold or so hot, you’re covered by us to still enjoying your life


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