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Lifetime 15×8 Plastic Garden Storage Shed Kit w/ Floor

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Lifetime 15’W x 8’D Storage Shed Kit with Floor, Windows, Skylights, Vents, Shelving & More! (model 6446)

Our Lifetime 15×8 garden shed is sure to enhance your backyard with it’s sleek, attractive appearance and design. Molded wood-grain wall panels and a simulated shingled roof combine with natural colors to complement any surroundings. It’s not only a great looking building but it is also very tough! With double walled, 1 inch thick steel reinforced polyethylene plastic walls and heavy duty powder coated steel trusses the model 6446 Lifetime shed stands up to even the toughest weather. The huge storage space inside will give you enough space to conveniently store all your garden tools, yard equipment, pool chemicals, mowers and more! Easily get your things organized with lots of shelving included! The Lifetime 15×8 shed model 6446 includes two 90″x10″ shelves, four corner shelves and two tool hanging peg strips. Unlike a wood shed the Lifetime is low maintenance, weather resistant and requires no painting! Feel good about supporting our economy, this building is made in the USA!

The Lifetime 15′ x 8′ Garden Building features: (6) small skylights, (2) shatter proof polycarbonate windows, (2) screened vents, (2) decorative shutters, (2) peg strips, (2) 90″ x 9″ shelves, (4) corner shelves, and a 10-year limited warranty. Floor and installation hardware included. Comes in (3) boxes.

Model Number: 6446
Color: Desert Tan, Dark Roof and Doors, Black Floor
Material of Construction: High-density polyethylene plastic (HDPE) and powder coated steel
Walls: 1 inch thick double-walled polyethylene plastic with steel reinforcements; molded wood grain design
Doors: Pad lockable double doors with internal spring latch and interior deadbolts
Windows: Two shatter proof windows w/shutters and polycarbonate panels that slide up for ventilation
Floor: 3/4 inch thick, stain-resistant, non-slip, high impact polyethylene plastic flooring
Shelving: Two 90″W x 9″D shelves and four corner shelves
Skylights: Six small skylights included
Vents: Two screened vents included for fresh air ventilation
Tool Organization: Two peg strips with tool hooks included for tool organization
Low Maintenance: UV-Protected to Prevent Fading and Cracking, Stain Resistant and Easy to Clean
Dimensions: 15’W x 8’D
Footprint: 178″W x 94″D
Exterior Dimensions: 176″W x 92″D
Outside Roof Dimensions: 180″W x 96″D x 96″H
Eave Depth: 2″
Fascia Height: 1.5″
Roof Pitch: 6:12, Steep Roof Allows for Quick Drainage of Rain and Snow
Roof Trusses: 5 total trusses
Door Opening Measurement: 56″W x 76″H (4’8″W x 6’4″H)
Window Opening Measurement: 17″w x 17″H
Interior Measurement: 174″W x 90″D
Interior Height: 71″H at Minimum and 95″H at Maximum
Storage Capacity: 108.75 square feet or 749.5 cubic feet
Wind Rating: 65 mph
Snow Load Capacity: 23 pounds per square foot (upgrade to 30lbs psf using model 60144 below)
Packaged Dimensions: 3 Cartons Total. Carton 1, 96″L x 32″W x 17.66″H, Carton 2, 96″L x 32″W x 13.66″H, Carton 3, 96″L x 32″W x 10.66″H
Packaged Weight: 724 lbs.
Warranty: 10 Year Limited Warranty
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*Please consult your local building codes before purchase. Lifetime sheds are designed to be built on a flat level foundation of wood decking or concrete (not included). The building can be anchored in each corner of the floor. Anchoring hardware is not included. Not including construction of the foundation, you can expect assembly time of the shed to take up to 6 hrs for 2 adults to complete.

Lifetime 15x8 Plastic Outdoor Storage Shed 6446 Dimensions
model #6446

Lifetime 15×8 Sheds are UV Protected, Weather Resistant & Vented!

Lifetime 15x8 Sheds are UV Protected, Weather Resistant & Vented!

Steel Reinforced Truss System, Shatter Proof Windows & Shelving Included!

Steel Reinforced Truss System, Shatter Proof Windows & Shelving Included!

Lifetime 6446 Sheds Are Made In The USA from US and Imported Parts!

Lifetime 6446 Shed Made In The USA from US and Imported Parts!


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