Modern Cabin Model C308

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Area: 220sqft

1Bd / 1 bath/ kitchen / Dinning Room

Smart systems for lights and plugs

Steel Structure : Steel frame: G550Light steel keel
Roof : Aluminum magnesium manganese plate+XPS extruded
board+ Breathing OSB board+glass wool
Wall: Front wall: Aluminum magnesium manganese plate+XPS extruded board+Breathing paper+OSB
board+glass wool with aluminum fixed window and
aluminum sliding door
Bathroom configuration: shower + toilet +
sink + drainage system
Floor slab: Glass wool+OSB board
1220*2440*9mm+Waterproof membrane+XPS board
Calcium silicate board + pressure treated

40HQ containers are required for transportation.

Important note: For the installation of water and electricity, a professional electrician is required, and professional knowledge of water and electrical engineering is required to operate under the premise of ensuring safety.

Our Builds can be installed on : Foundation, Deck , Ground. Consumer will decide where needs to be install it.

35 to 60 days for the goods to be ready.


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