Modern Capsule, Residential & Commercial.

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CAD/3D design
Main Structure
Galvanized steel structure with sandwich panel wall and doors, windows, etc.
Glass Option:
Single/double/Laminated glass/Low-E glass
Optional Accessories
Furniture, sanitary, kitchen, A/C, electrical appliance for accomodation, office, dormitory, toliet, kitchen, bathroom, shower,
steel roof, cadding panels, decorative material, etc.
(1) Fast installation: 2 hours/set, save labor cost;
(2) Anti-rust: all material use hot glavanized steel;
(3) Waterproof: without wood ceiling,wall;
(4) Fireproof:Fire rating A grade
(5) Simple foundation:just need 12pcs concrete bolck foundation;
(6) Wind-resistant(11 level) and anti-seismic(9 grade)


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